Hi! I was already working in advertising even before the invention of the Internet, so I know the traditional advertising world as the back of my hand. When the digital wave spread around advertising it became really interesting! So I set course in that direction 20 years ago, and I still love riding that wave: sometimes it’s rough, sometimes it’s easy, but never boring.
I love looking at technical possibilities and novelties, as long as they are used in a relevant way, and the creative idea is leading.
For the last ten years I’ve been working as a freelance Art and/or Creative Director, right after a period of ten years as a Creative Director Digital helping traditional agencies as UbachsWisbrun, TBWA and Etcetera getting their digital act together.
I’ve helped creating campaigns for a zillion clients, such as T-Mobile, Volvo, Samsung, Heineken, Albert Heijn, Apple, Philips, KPN, et cetera…
Furthermore I love to be a part of the Industry's future. I do talks and Master classes at different art schools as Willem de Kooning and Fontys Advertising on a regular basis. And for more than four years I’ve been a board member of the ADCN (the association for creativity in advertising and design in the Netherlands), mostly working with Young Creatives (the Jonge Honden). Educate, inspire, doing everything to help them working their way in the big, bad and evil creative world. 
Six years ago I set up the Switch Talent Program, currently with 14 junior creatives working at 7 agencies, and learning at the same time.
You can reach me by phone: 0031 6 26202226
or at: stephangonnissen@gmail.com

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